Mentor Contract

As a volunteer mentor for CAMA, you agree to and/or understand the following terms and conditions:

1. While you do not know everything there is about admissions, you will do your very best to help the mentee gain admission.

2. You will not promise, guarantee or otherwise claim that the mentee will or will not be admitted.

3. You will follow the provided curriculum for mentorship that ensures a standardized service.

4. At no point during the mentorship will you force your mentee to accept your opinions. Ultimately it is up to the mentee to accept or reject your recommendations.

5. You are not responsible for any college rejections, disappointments and other losses that your mentee might experience.

6. You will resolve any issues with your mentee by informing the CAMA team at

7. You are not going to be paid for the help you give, and will not ask mentee for any money.

8. You will not share or ask mentee for private information that has no relevance to the mentorship, and that you cannot force the mentee to provide any information he/she is uncomfortable sharing.

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